Why this website about Jody Williams of “Sex Workers Anonymous”?

Many of us who have ever been a sex worker rights activist have encountered Jody Williams; not only those of us who have worked in the sex industry, but those allies who understand the need to decriminalize consenting adult commercial sex so that those who are truly victims of any type of ‘trafficking’ or abuse are able to find resources that can help them.

Jody has cyberstalked many of us through emails, on Facebook, phone text messages etc. She expects that we will not share this information with others, claiming that to do so is ‘violating HER right to privacy.’ She continues to violate ours, bombarding us with threatening and harassing messages, after we repeatedly and in no uncertain terms ask her to stop sending us her unsolicited tirades. She has a serious problem with rejection and seems incapable of stopping herself from sending those messages.

In self defense, some of us decided that posting her rants for others who may also be her victims is the best course of action, rather than continuing to deal with her privately where her lies and threats are not visible to others.

She reads this blog and is upset that we are posting her lies for others to see, yet she refuses to stop emailing us with more of her lies. I have told her that I will continue to post her messages publicly as long as she continues to send me unsolicited emails.

I realize that Jody Williams has a serious mental problem and she undoubtedly needs help. I wish that she would seek out that help and stop harassing people who do not want anything to do with her. If there is anyone who reads this blog who can reach out to her and offer help, please do. But be aware that once you provide her with any contact information for you, she will add you to her list of “harassees” and you may regret any involvement with her. I know that I regret having had lunch with her many years ago. Jody is what is called “toxic” and to have anything to do with her on any level is to find oneself trapped in her web of lies and deceit, not to mention her never ending harassing and threatening messages.

Jody apparently believes that I have some sort of power or control over the actions of others and that I am responsible for whatever they do to try to stop her from annoying them. Gosh, I wish I had that power, but I am a disabled senior citizen now, taking care of my more disabled husband of nearly 40 years and I have no power over anyone. Perhaps Jody is projecting onto me the control she wants to have over anyone who contacts her for help or that she had over those who once worked for her when she was a madam. I am so glad that when I was working I did not encounter her or work for her, or quite possibly I would have turned into an abolitionist myself. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have her as one’s ‘pimp.’ To be free of her lying, manipulative ways would be such a blessing!

Anyway, I do have so many other more important things to do than to deal with Jody Williams and her lies, threats and attempted manipulation. I do not have the time to continue writing on this blog and so unless she doesn’t stop sending me more of her hateful, cyberstalking messages, I shall get back to the important things in my life, which do not include Jody Williams.

Jody, the ball is in your court. Stop emailing me. Never contact me again. How much clearer do I need to be that I want ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU?

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