BEWARE: the flawed 12 step approach

The twelve steps is a flawed approach to sex workers.

BEWARE of ANYONE who takes this approach.

Why? because the person who runs violates several of the 12 traditions that form the structure of any 12 step group.

The word ‘anonymous’ traditionally means in 12 step structure that showing your ID or any form of ‘proof’ to access ‘help’ isn’t required. If any 12 step, or person associated with a 12 step group demands any sort of documentation, BEWARE! This type of request in NOT apart of any legitimate 12 step program.

Likewise, if any person associated with is involved with law enforcement in any sort of way, that too would be a violation of the 12 tradition of the 12 step program. People who are arrested for prostitution are subject to having their names and faces posted in public even though they haven’t been convicted of anything, therefore anyone who so positions themselves as being associated with an anonymous program but discloses their first and last name in public in any capacity, violates both the spirit and the letter of anonymity, and YOU SHOULD BE VERY WAREY OF ANY OFFERS OF HELP FROM SUCH A PERSON! is only made up of one person so the idea that there is a ‘group’ of people who will offer a range of suggestions as is traditional to 12 step programs is not a reality. This one person model isn’t consistent with the 12 step program’s practice of ‘the spirit of rotation’ whereby ‘elected service committees are responsible directly to those they serve’.

The person running has threatened those who’ve come to her for help with violating their confidentiality as a means to extort a relationship.

She has on several occasions threatened those who have come to her for help with public exposure by publishing audio recordings of conversations. This recording and then exposure violates the spirit and letter of anonymity as proposed in 12 step groups. Anyone who reaches out for help from sexworkersanonymous will regret being forced into having their situation invaded by this apparently mentally unstable person.


Another violation of anonymity by sex workers anonymous is when they contact you via email and social media without your permission.

This type of stalking is NOT PART OF ANY 12 STEP PROGRAM!


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