Trademarks, domain names and more lies from Jody Williams

There were a few days where I was so lucky to not hear from our dear twisted Jody- it was wonderful! Unfortunately those moments of life without her harassing emails are few and far between. Today’s message brought more threats and harassment, but, it also encouraged me to find out exactly how much of a liar she is when it comes to this nonsense about her alleged trademark of the name “sex workers anonymous.” Those of us who have been the unfortunate recipients of her nonsense- the text messages, the emails- threatening us with legal action for posting her insipid messages which are sent to us UNSOLICITED (and are in fact NOT protected by any privacy laws since we have asked her repeatedly to stop sending further messages and we are under no obligation to keep her UNSOLICITED threatening and harassing messages ‘private’) know that she doesn’t have any boundaries when it comes to her continued harassment.

Here is the text of the first part of her message “We’ve reached the point where I need the name and contact information for that attorney you keep telling me you have. Or is that another part of the delusion you seem to be living in lately? [Wow! That’s a stunner… I seem to be living in a delusion???? I am not the one who stalks and harasses people and won’t go away when asked to, nor do I have fantasies that I am helping thousands of survivors or any other such nonsense, so, Jody, who is living in a delusion?]

She continues “You violated our trademark by using the name of “Sex Workers Anonymous” without our permission. You violated my right to privacy by posting private emails of mine online without my permission. The reporter who violated ACORN’S privacy had $100,000 in damages awarded ACORN who was supposedly advising a pimp how to traffic women into the USA. You however, a convicted pimp, with a history of stalking others who are trying to help others to leave the sex industry, posted my private emails online claiming that you did so because I “made you afraid to leave your house for fear someone would arrest you” based on a private email talking about a conversation from 30 years ago.” [Funny, I thought I was a convicted panderer, not a pimp, and there is no history of me stalking anyone… on the other hand, there are plenty of people who have been stalked by Jody Williams… just sayin’!]

The curious thing is, she does not have a trademark on the name “sex workers anonymous” nor can she trademark the domain name “sexworkersanonymous’ and I found this information only because she sent this latest diatribe to me after a few days of lovely peace and quiet. A (free) search for trademarked names shows that no, she does NOT have a trademark for the name ‘sex workers anonymous’ – so if I were inclined and had the money, I could get the trademark for that name for $159. But she stole the name “sex worker” (which was coined by our very own Scarlot Harlot years ago), and of course, copycatted the name “anonymous” from alcoholics anonymous. There isn’t an original bone in her body!

No one that I know of is using that name for their organization anyway, and as far as a domain name goes, she cannot trademark it, either. Here is what the law says [Question] “When does an Internet domain name qualify as a trademark?”
[Answer] “A domain name, such as, can qualify as a trademark when it is used in connection with a website that offers services to the public. This includes all sites conducting e-commerce and sites such as that provide Web-related services.
However, only some types of commercial domain names qualify for trademark protection. For instance, while domain names that use common or descriptive terms, such as or, may work very well to bring users to a website, they usually do not qualify for much trademark protection. This means that owners of such domain names generally won’t have much luck stopping the use of these words and phrases in other domain names. In other words, by using common terms that are the generic name for the service (for example, “”) or by using words that merely describe the service or some aspect of it (for example, “”), the owner of the name will have less trademark rights against the users of similar domain names than she would if her domain name was distinctive.”

Yes, dear Jody, you are a liar. You think that you can intimidate people with your lies. Sorry dear, but we are on to you. Please do have your lawyer call me. I’d be delighted to share all your harassing emails and threatening comments with him or her. Then you need to look up the difference between “pimping” (which YOU WERE doing, not me) and “pandering.” Someone doesn’t know the laws, and that isn’t me!

Should you get the name “Sex Workers Anonymous” trademarked, you still cannot get the domain name trademarked. Anyway, I am not the one who purchased the domain name for this site, and it is unlikely that you will be able to find out who did. In any case, there is nothing you can do about it. If you want us to stop posting your UNSOLICITED harassing and threatening messages, then stop sending them. That’s all I ask of you- just go away and leave me and the rest of us alone. I will not allow you to continue to threaten me privately, so every single message you send to me will be posted here. That is not a threat- it is a promise. And when I get the time and energy, I will upload all her messages and my responses to her, which show the pattern of cyberstalking and harassment.

No trademark for Jody

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