‘sex workers anonymous.com’

Jody Williams (very likely a pseudonym) has a ‘project’ which she calls ‘sex workers anonymous’ formerly known as ‘prostitutes anonymous’. Jody Williams authors a website at sexworkersanonymous.com.

A number of people genuinely seeking help have contacted her site based on the site’s claims that ‘sex workers anonymous’ provides assistance, support and help as well as protecting identities and respecting confidentiality. According to the witnesses who will be sharing their experiences here, the reality of what has happened when dealing with Jody Williams and or ‘sex workers anonymous’ is a far cry from assistance, support or help, let alone discretion, confidentially, or anonymity. This is very concerning under the circumstances.

This blog will explain what numerous people have experienced when dealing with Jody Williams and her ‘sex workers anonymous’.

Jody will likely threaten this blog with a lawsuit. Jody forgets that we have a first amendment right to express our experiences and feelings. She will likely say that this blog is a ‘cat fishing’ spoof which apparently is one of her excuses when she gets called out for her unethical behaviors (“that wasn’t me!” she says).

After being called out when one of the witnesses spoke out about her behaviors, Jody claimed that someone else was responsible, someone else had taken over her email and phone and was-is texting people AS her, from her number. Somehow Jody Williams is so important- someone has hacked her phone and email accounts and whomever has done this, is the one sending the awful communications which have been sent to people.

The reason we feel compelled to create a blog about this- we wonder how many sex workers who are in vulnerable circumstances end up unwittingly calling her number seeking help- only to find themselves in situations they did not bargain for. We wonder why (IF EVER in truth)- she is taken seriously as an ‘expert’ which she constantly claims she is, regarding prostitution and or sex trafficking. Based on what we have witnessed and experienced, in our opinion, this person, whoever she really is, has no business doing what she is doing. We urge you to use discretion and after considering what will be presented, to decide for yourself of course.

We will be exploring Jody Williams of ‘sex workers anonymous’ and other self appointed ‘rescuers’ and ‘saviors’. Are these people really helping? Or do they really only amount to parasites who are looking for ways to profit and personally benefit in some way, from the criminalization of sex workers?

‘Rescue organizations’ ‘Diversion programs’  and ‘prostitution related treatment programs’ court ordered or not- are not regulated, there is no system of accountability and there is a lot of room for a wide variety of abuses.

Have you had an experience with ‘sex workers anonymous’ or ‘Jody Williams’? We would like to hear from you!

The information provided here involves direct experience with Jody Williams, after people contacted her thru her site at sexworkersanonymous.com, as well as experiences that were never invited to any degree. Jody has relentlessly attacked a number of people via social media and email.

Jody Williams
Jody Williams (in purple)