Let her own words speak for themselves

People can say all sorts of things online. Cowards, con artists and people with nefarious motives use the Internet. Knowing this we should always question what we see and read. What are the motives behind it?

The following are texts sent by Jody Williams. The person who she is communicating with had contacted her through the sexworkersanonymous.COM website because they were looking for information and possibly assistance. Jody (or whomever it is using the name jody Williams) had crossed lines and the person was declining any further involvement with jody and this didn’t sit well with Jody. Jody sent numerous texts threatening the person with details she knew regarding the persons case. Jody comes back around to say she was ‘just making threats to get the person to pay attention’.

You got the persons attention alright.
Now there are MANY people paying attention Jody.

Advocacy doesn't involve threatening people
Advocacy doesn’t involve threatening people

Update: after speaking with the person who the above circumstances are referencing I have permission to say the person who had this experience with Jody Williams is the woman known as Kamylla on Twitter. After her circumstances worsened thanks to her experience with the production of 8 Minutes she unwittingly contacted Jody Williams looking for information. Once Jody realized this woman’s case had a level of notoriety jody saw an opportunity to propel herself and her ‘project’ known as ‘sex workers anonymous’ jody immediately seized upon the situation to exploit it- publishing rants online that exposed sensitive details of her case. Kamylla was begging Jody to not do this. She then stepped away from Jody. Kamylla then came into contact with members of the sex worker rights activist community. When jody saw this she went ballistic.

More to follow.

Jody Williams – Sex Workers Anonymous – is a UPS mailbox

Jody Williams has continued to obsessively and relentlessly attack a long list of people within the sex worker rights community. New threats have been made by Jody on top of the threats she has continually made, in addition she has set about to slander people who are challenging her narrative. Instead of doing things in a rational, level headed manner, Jody’s strategy is to do exactly what we are saying makes her dangerous to vulnerable sex workers or sex trafficking victims who might unwittingly contact her- she resorts to extremely toxic behaviors, attacking people, threats, slandering people, lying about people, harassment, having no concern for boundaries or anonymity let alone CONSENT, or the safety of others. This was the original point and she has gone about proving this point. (We will be linking to another data base shortly and if you have time to waste you can see for yourself how bad her stalking and harassment has been towards a number of people).

It has been discovered that Jody Williams does not appear to have a registered trademark as she has claimed. After researching her alleged non profit further, it was discovered that there is no non profit registered under the name ‘sex workers anonymous’.

We are wondering if there is ANYTHING legitimate about Jody Williams or her apparently pretend ‘rescue/support’ group.

After a barrage of false accusations, threats and constant harassment via email (we wonder if Jody ever sleeps) a person local to the address Jody gives on her site volunteered to go see what they would find at the address given on the sexworkersanonymous.com site. Low and behold (and not to our surprise), the address Jody gives is a UPS mailbox.

It needs to be noted that no one associated with this site has made any threats towards Jody despite any claims she might make. She has in fact been asked over and over and over and OVER to stop contacting people. She ignores this request and if you block her she simply comes back around with a new email address. She operates behind many profiles and email addresses. This in and of itself raises serious red flags. She has made some pretty crazy claims but if further action is to be taken beyond publishing our experiences and opinions here, it will be done according to whatever LEGAL avenues are available. Unlike Jody, we will not engage in threats or obsessive harassment. It has become clearer and clearer that publishing this site was absolutely the right thing to do To protect people. Hopefully cyber stalking laws will catch up with Jody soon.


Requesting Jody to Stop Harassing Me is a New Form of Victimization?

Just when I thought Jody Williams couldn’t get any more obnoxious, she sends me another UNSOLICITED message claiming that I am “violating her copyright and privacy” by posting her UNSOLICITED diatribes to me. Then she claims that by not wanting to hear from her, I am making a victim of her… or trying to ‘scare’ her… how very strange this woman is!

Jody, I am sure that Nevada will pay to get the help you need. Please do get help and leave people alone who do not wish to hear from you. Get a life and leave everyone alone who want nothing to do with your sorry posterior. GO AWAY!

And Yet She Continues With Her Threatening Messages…

This will be short. Apparently she thinks that threatening to post MY responses to her (along with the threatening, harassing, cyberbullying message she sent me) is somehow going to intimidate me.
I will have to post my responses to her and her rants to me later. I actually have a life and cannot afford all the time she seems to have.

It is always such a thrill to start my day with another threatening message from this psychologically challenged individual. She must have the last word with her ‘victims’ – and even though I let her have the last word several dozen messages ago, she continued to send messages.

Why this website about Jody Williams of “Sex Workers Anonymous”?

Many of us who have ever been a sex worker rights activist have encountered Jody Williams; not only those of us who have worked in the sex industry, but those allies who understand the need to decriminalize consenting adult commercial sex so that those who are truly victims of any type of ‘trafficking’ or abuse are able to find resources that can help them.

Jody has cyberstalked many of us through emails, on Facebook, phone text messages etc. She expects that we will not share this information with others, claiming that to do so is ‘violating HER right to privacy.’ She continues to violate ours, bombarding us with threatening and harassing messages, after we repeatedly and in no uncertain terms ask her to stop sending us her unsolicited tirades. She has a serious problem with rejection and seems incapable of stopping herself from sending those messages.

In self defense, some of us decided that posting her rants for others who may also be her victims is the best course of action, rather than continuing to deal with her privately where her lies and threats are not visible to others.

She reads this blog and is upset that we are posting her lies for others to see, yet she refuses to stop emailing us with more of her lies. I have told her that I will continue to post her messages publicly as long as she continues to send me unsolicited emails.

I realize that Jody Williams has a serious mental problem and she undoubtedly needs help. I wish that she would seek out that help and stop harassing people who do not want anything to do with her. If there is anyone who reads this blog who can reach out to her and offer help, please do. But be aware that once you provide her with any contact information for you, she will add you to her list of “harassees” and you may regret any involvement with her. I know that I regret having had lunch with her many years ago. Jody is what is called “toxic” and to have anything to do with her on any level is to find oneself trapped in her web of lies and deceit, not to mention her never ending harassing and threatening messages.

Jody apparently believes that I have some sort of power or control over the actions of others and that I am responsible for whatever they do to try to stop her from annoying them. Gosh, I wish I had that power, but I am a disabled senior citizen now, taking care of my more disabled husband of nearly 40 years and I have no power over anyone. Perhaps Jody is projecting onto me the control she wants to have over anyone who contacts her for help or that she had over those who once worked for her when she was a madam. I am so glad that when I was working I did not encounter her or work for her, or quite possibly I would have turned into an abolitionist myself. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have her as one’s ‘pimp.’ To be free of her lying, manipulative ways would be such a blessing!

Anyway, I do have so many other more important things to do than to deal with Jody Williams and her lies, threats and attempted manipulation. I do not have the time to continue writing on this blog and so unless she doesn’t stop sending me more of her hateful, cyberstalking messages, I shall get back to the important things in my life, which do not include Jody Williams.

Jody, the ball is in your court. Stop emailing me. Never contact me again. How much clearer do I need to be that I want ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU?

BEWARE: SexWorkersAnonymous.com- the flawed 12 step approach

The twelve steps is a flawed approach to sex workers.

BEWARE of ANYONE who takes this approach.

Why? because the person who runs sexworkersanonymous.com violates several of the 12 traditions that form the structure of any 12 step group.

The word ‘anonymous’ traditionally means in 12 step structure that showing your ID or any form of ‘proof’ to access ‘help’ isn’t required. If any 12 step, or person associated with a 12 step group demands any sort of documentation, BEWARE! This type of request in NOT apart of any legitimate 12 step program.

Likewise, if any person associated with sexworkersanonymous.com is involved with law enforcement in any sort of way, that too would be a violation of the 12 tradition of the 12 step program. People who are arrested for prostitution are subject to having their names and faces posted in public even though they haven’t been convicted of anything, therefore anyone who so positions themselves as being associated with an anonymous program but discloses their first and last name in public in any capacity, violates both the spirit and the letter of anonymity, and YOU SHOULD BE VERY WAREY OF ANY OFFERS OF HELP FROM SUCH A PERSON!

Sexworkersanonymous.com is only made up of one person so the idea that there is a ‘group’ of people who will offer a range of suggestions as is traditional to 12 step programs is not a reality. This one person model isn’t consistent with the 12 step program’s practice of ‘the spirit of rotation’ whereby ‘elected service committees are responsible directly to those they serve’.

The person running sexworkersanonymous.com has threatened those who’ve come to her for help with violating their confidentiality as a means to extort a relationship.

She has on several occasions threatened those who have come to her for help with public exposure by publishing audio recordings of conversations. This recording and then exposure violates the spirit and letter of anonymity as proposed in 12 step groups. Anyone who reaches out for help from sexworkersanonymous will regret being forced into having their situation invaded by this apparently mentally unstable person.


Another violation of anonymity by sex workers anonymous is when they contact you via email and social media without your permission.

This type of stalking is NOT PART OF ANY 12 STEP PROGRAM!

Contact: sexworkersanonymous@gmail.com

‘sex workers anonymous.com’

Jody Williams (very likely a pseudonym) has a ‘project’ which she calls ‘sex workers anonymous’ formerly known as ‘prostitutes anonymous’. Jody Williams authors a website at sexworkersanonymous.com.

A number of people genuinely seeking help have contacted her site based on the site’s claims that ‘sex workers anonymous’ provides assistance, support and help as well as protecting identities and respecting confidentiality. According to the witnesses who will be sharing their experiences here, the reality of what has happened when dealing with Jody Williams and or ‘sex workers anonymous’ is a far cry from assistance, support or help, let alone discretion, confidentially, or anonymity. This is very concerning under the circumstances.

This blog will explain what numerous people have experienced when dealing with Jody Williams and her ‘sex workers anonymous’.

Jody will likely threaten this blog with a lawsuit. Jody forgets that we have a first amendment right to express our experiences and feelings. She will likely say that this blog is a ‘cat fishing’ spoof which apparently is one of her excuses when she gets called out for her unethical behaviors (“that wasn’t me!” she says).

After being called out when one of the witnesses spoke out about her behaviors, Jody claimed that someone else was responsible, someone else had taken over her email and phone and was-is texting people AS her, from her number. Somehow Jody Williams is so important- someone has hacked her phone and email accounts and whomever has done this, is the one sending the awful communications which have been sent to people.

The reason we feel compelled to create a blog about this- we wonder how many sex workers who are in vulnerable circumstances end up unwittingly calling her number seeking help- only to find themselves in situations they did not bargain for. We wonder why (IF EVER in truth)- she is taken seriously as an ‘expert’ which she constantly claims she is, regarding prostitution and or sex trafficking. Based on what we have witnessed and experienced, in our opinion, this person, whoever she really is, has no business doing what she is doing. We urge you to use discretion and after considering what will be presented, to decide for yourself of course.

We will be exploring Jody Williams of ‘sex workers anonymous’ and other self appointed ‘rescuers’ and ‘saviors’. Are these people really helping? Or do they really only amount to parasites who are looking for ways to profit and personally benefit in some way, from the criminalization of sex workers?

‘Rescue organizations’ ‘Diversion programs’  and ‘prostitution related treatment programs’ court ordered or not- are not regulated, there is no system of accountability and there is a lot of room for a wide variety of abuses.

Have you had an experience with ‘sex workers anonymous’ or ‘Jody Williams’? We would like to hear from you!

The information provided here involves direct experience with Jody Williams, after people contacted her thru her site at sexworkersanonymous.com, as well as experiences that were never invited to any degree. Jody has relentlessly attacked a number of people via social media and email.

Jody Williams
Jody Williams (in purple)