Rescuers and Saviors – WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING

Many people seek to benefit-profit from the criminalization of sex work and sex workers! Predators of all sorts have manifested around the topic of sex work and sex trafficking. No- this isn’t referring to pimps and traffickers. THIS blog, is about the wolves in sheep’s clothing who come claiming they are here ‘to help’. This blog is about the ‘saviors’ who come around playing the part of ‘rescuers’ and ‘helpers’ yet their true agenda is ultimately only self serving and even destructive to the very people they claim to want to ‘help’.

These wolves in sheep’s clothing have been able to exploit the criminalization of sex workers in order to benefit and profit! This blog will be exposing as many of these bottom feeders as possible.

‘Rescue organizations’ ‘Deferment programs’ and ‘prostitution related treatment programs’ court ordered or not- are not regulated, there is no system of accountability and there is a lot of room for a wide variety of abuses.

If you would like to share your experience after dealing with a faith based ‘rescue org’, non profit anti sex trafficking organization, court ordered deferment program, or ‘program’ of any kind related to prostitution, sex work, or sex trafficking, we would very much appreciate hearing from you!

It is time to speak out against the abuse! It is time for the abusers to be held accountable.

We live up to our word regarding confidentiality and we stress that you must be very discerning and careful about who you trust when reaching out for help. Sadly, just because people claim to be religious or want to help, you will still need to advocate for your safety and well being when dealing with such people.


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