Let her own words speak for themselves

People can say all sorts of things online. Cowards, con artists and people with nefarious motives use the Internet. Knowing this we should always question what we see and read. What are the motives behind it?

The following are texts sent by Jody Williams. The person who she is communicating with had contacted her through the sexworkersanonymous.COM website because they were looking for information and possibly assistance. Jody (or whomever it is using the name jody Williams) had crossed lines and the person was declining any further involvement with jody and this didn’t sit well with Jody. Jody sent numerous texts threatening the person with details she knew regarding the persons case. Jody comes back around to say she was ‘just making threats to get the person to pay attention’.

You got the persons attention alright.
Now there are MANY people paying attention Jody.

Advocacy doesn't involve threatening people
Advocacy doesn’t involve threatening people

Update: after speaking with the person who the above circumstances are referencing I have permission to say the person who had this experience with Jody Williams is the woman known as Kamylla on Twitter. After her circumstances worsened thanks to her experience with the production of 8 Minutes she unwittingly contacted Jody Williams looking for information. Once Jody realized this woman’s case had a level of notoriety jody saw an opportunity to propel herself and her ‘project’ known as ‘sex workers anonymous’ jody immediately seized upon the situation to exploit it- publishing rants online that exposed sensitive details of her case. Kamylla was begging Jody to not do this. She then stepped away from Jody. Kamylla then came into contact with members of the sex worker rights activist community. When jody saw this she went ballistic.

More to follow.

Jody Williams – Sex Workers Anonymous – is a UPS mailbox

Jody Williams has continued to obsessively and relentlessly attack a long list of people within the sex worker rights community. New threats have been made by Jody on top of the threats she has continually made, in addition she has set about to slander people who are challenging her narrative. Instead of doing things in a rational, level headed manner, Jody’s strategy is to do exactly what we are saying makes her dangerous to vulnerable sex workers or sex trafficking victims who might unwittingly contact her- she resorts to extremely toxic behaviors, attacking people, threats, slandering people, lying about people, harassment, having no concern for boundaries or anonymity let alone CONSENT, or the safety of others. This was the original point and she has gone about proving this point. (We will be linking to another data base shortly and if you have time to waste you can see for yourself how bad her stalking and harassment has been towards a number of people).

It has been discovered that Jody Williams does not appear to have a registered trademark as she has claimed. After researching her alleged non profit further, it was discovered that there is no non profit registered under the name ‘sex workers anonymous’.

We are wondering if there is ANYTHING legitimate about Jody Williams or her apparently pretend ‘rescue/support’ group.

After a barrage of false accusations, threats and constant harassment via email (we wonder if Jody ever sleeps) a person local to the address Jody gives on her site volunteered to go see what they would find at the address given on the sexworkersanonymous.com site. Low and behold (and not to our surprise), the address Jody gives is a UPS mailbox.

It needs to be noted that no one associated with this site has made any threats towards Jody despite any claims she might make. She has in fact been asked over and over and over and OVER to stop contacting people. She ignores this request and if you block her she simply comes back around with a new email address. She operates behind many profiles and email addresses. This in and of itself raises serious red flags. She has made some pretty crazy claims but if further action is to be taken beyond publishing our experiences and opinions here, it will be done according to whatever LEGAL avenues are available. Unlike Jody, we will not engage in threats or obsessive harassment. It has become clearer and clearer that publishing this site was absolutely the right thing to do To protect people. Hopefully cyber stalking laws will catch up with Jody soon.


Requesting Jody to Stop Harassing Me is a New Form of Victimization?

Just when I thought Jody Williams couldn’t get any more obnoxious, she sends me another UNSOLICITED message claiming that I am “violating her copyright and privacy” by posting her UNSOLICITED diatribes to me. Then she claims that by not wanting to hear from her, I am making a victim of her… or trying to ‘scare’ her… how very strange this woman is!

Jody, I am sure that Nevada will pay to get the help you need. Please do get help and leave people alone who do not wish to hear from you. Get a life and leave everyone alone who want nothing to do with your sorry posterior. GO AWAY!