Imagine spending 7 years of your life in legal hell…

for having done a ‘favor’ for a ‘friend’  and then having someone else make false claims that, if true, could have sent you to prison for the rest of your life… does anyone really believe that everyone is as illogical as Jody Williams is?

If someone had been arrested and charged with one count of pandering (in California, even one count can send you to prison for 3 to six years on the first offense, and ‘pandering’ is merely the ‘crime’ of ‘encouraging a person to commit an act of prostitution’), and someone had already spent 50 days in solitary confinement being ‘studied’ to see if they were dangerous (the study said they weren’t), spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and was facing being resentenced to three to six years in prison because, according to the LA prosecutor, Ira Reiner, the ‘crime’ committed by THIS someone was ‘worse than rape or robbery’ because THIS someone was “commercially exploiting her law enforcement past to draw on scandalous escapades… that undermine respect for the law” and therefore THIS someone had to be sent to prison for the mandatory minimum of at least three years… surely that person would NOT violate that law AGAIN, particularly NOT for someone she did not know (and wouldn’t do even if she did know her), risking her freedom just so that this MADAM JODY could make MONEY- when this SOMEONE couldn’t even see her own clients out of fear of being arrested AGAIN or having this SOMEONE’s clients be arrested…

Yet that is what Jody was stating in her latest rant to me after I have repeatedly requested that she stop contacting me. Apparently she believes that people who know me will find this outright lie to contain merit. Now, because I told her that I keep copies of her emails and screen shots of her lies, she knew that one of her original messages showed that she claimed she couldn’t contact me after our luncheon because she was being followed by the cops- because of me. So, she is NOW claiming that our conversations were prior to our luncheon, BEFORE I even met her, and that at this luncheon where we had JUST MET, I was ‘encouraging her’ to see MY clients, that they were ‘safe’  etc. and that SHE had been warning me that if I didn’t shut up about bad cops, I would be going back to prison.  The GALL of this woman is astounding.

And here are some of her choice lies from TODAY:

“I only asked you for support in having to quit during the lunch we had and you refused. You insisted you knew people that could hook me up with clients that I wouldn’t get busted for seeing because they were all regulars. I told you I was being followed and my phone as being tapped and they would find a way to arrest me if I didn’t keep my nose clean. You just kept trying to connect me to women you told me could let me use their regulars and I wouldn’t get busted.
When I feared my phone was being tapped and you were saying things like this – I didn’t want either of us to get into trouble so I stopped calling you back then. I found out I was right – my phone was being tapped and if I had let you say something like that on the tap you could have gone to jail sooner. I was also trying to look out for you.  [that’s our Jody- ever the lookout for our well being!]
When I told you I was afraid of being near anyone who was working as a prostitute WHILE I WAS ON PROBATION AND BEING FOLLOWED BY POLICE CONSTANTLY – you insisted that the women in COYOTE were “never arrested”. You told me that the women in COYOTE only saw “regulars” and therefore no one was getting busted. You told me that most of them hadn’t even taken on new clients in years and knew all of them well – and that to stay out of legal trouble the women would routinely share phone numbers of regulars with each other. You told me you knew these women and that if I wanted to keep working that I could do so without fear of being arrested by having them connect me to their regulars. You were talking about such things with me on the phone after I told you the phone was tapped. I had cautioned you that I had been followed back after having lunch with you, and the tap light went on my phone when you called me. Yet you continued to talk about actively working in the business. You told me you weren’t going to let anyone stop you, and that with your regulars you were not worried about anyone arresting you. You said these things on the phone after I had warned you everything around me was tapped. Yes I stopped talking to you during my probation because you kept insisting it was still possible for me to “work just like you were” without fear of arrest. That scared the hell out of me.”

Does she really believe that, knowing MY phone was tapped as I told HER it was, that I would say such things to ANYONE, much less to a complete stranger? (and the claim that I continued to call her, after ‘our luncheon’- priceless!!! She’s the one who can’t go away gracefully-  I wouldn’t call her back again ever- because she was very scary even then!)  There were no COYOTE meetings at the time; I was involved with COYOTE San Francisco, but there wasn’t yet a COYOTE LA chapter in which I was involved, no ‘women’ who had these clients who would pay HER(?) so who these so called COYOTE women were in 1985, I have no idea! She says that I wasn’t worried about anyone arresting ME? I was terrified to leave the house for fear I would be arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way. Yet she claims that I would actively work in the business or COMMIT A FELONY WITH EVERY CONVERSATION SHE CLAIMS WE HAD (but none of those conversations ever took place except in her evil mind) just so I could give HER work to earn but which I could not do? She thinks everyone is a madam because she was one. Isn’t one bad Penny in a lifetime enough?

My crime? I had to offer to pay the man to agree to see my ‘friend’ from the LAPD,  Penny, because she “sounded so unattractive…”  and she was… just as Jody was/is.  My phone was tapped when I was talking to Penny and she was setting me up,  and knowing that my phones were still tapped,  why would I ‘pander’  this woman whom I had never met before our luncheon – who was a big time madam and who had allegedly received PROBATION for PIMPING AND PANDERING, while I was going to prison for trying to get my unattractive friend PENNY laid (and charged with only ONE count of pandering)??? What did she do for the cops to get out of being sentenced under the MANDATORY sentence under which I was going to prison?

I couldn’t afford to keep paying men to see these unattractive bitches- NOR was I willing to go to prison for PANDERING Jody’s lying ass under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!  Really, Jody, you need to be more creative with your lies. We aren’t all as nutty as you are!

Well, perhaps it wasn’t Jody after all, as she continues to claim that it is someone else doing all the lying and sending these harassing emails and Facebook messages… she tells me that she ‘accidentally pushed the wrong button’ to send messages she had written to me… Jody, dear, you need help. LOTS and LOTS of help. For everyone’s sake, please get some.

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2015

Despite the fact that there are public records which show that I was not ever convicted of ‘pimping’ (“living off the earnings of a prostitute in full or in part” according to California penal code at the time of my arrest for ONE count of PANDERING- “encouraging a person to commit an act of prostitution” which I did when I tried to fulfill the sexual fantasy of my one time ‘friend’ Penny Isgro, a ‘date’ that I was paying for as my client was not interested in having sex with the woman described by the DA as a football player and very unattractive, much like Jody Williams) but rather convicted of that ONE COUNT of pandering, not “pimping” as the lying Jody claimed in her unsolicited text message to a woman who has repeatedly asked Jody to STOP contacting her for ANY REASON. “Maxine and Norma are convicted pimps not me.” Jody was a madam, and apparently did the same thing to those who worked for her as she does to those who do not want her help – she bullies them incessantly. That she was not convicted of that shows that she somehow sold her soul to the devil and did NOT go to prison for her ‘crimes.’ Jody cannot stop with her lies no matter what. Anyone who has anything to do with this woman for any reason ought to have a mental evaluation, if, after their first encounter with Jody, they continue to have anything to do with her.

UPDATE JUNE 26, 2015

See my new post “Trademarks, domain names and more lies from Jody Williams” for the latest in this ongoing drama with the lying queen, Jody Williams!



‘sex workers’

Jody Williams (very likely a pseudonym) has a ‘project’ which she calls ‘sex workers anonymous’ formerly known as ‘prostitutes anonymous’. Jody Williams authors a website at

A number of people genuinely seeking help have contacted her site based on the site’s claims that ‘sex workers anonymous’ provides assistance, support and help as well as protecting identities and respecting confidentiality. According to the witnesses who will be sharing their experiences here, the reality of what has happened when dealing with Jody Williams and or ‘sex workers anonymous’ is a far cry from assistance, support or help, let alone discretion, confidentially, or anonymity. This is very concerning under the circumstances.

This blog will explain what numerous people have experienced when dealing with Jody Williams and her ‘sex workers anonymous’.

Jody will likely threaten this blog with a lawsuit. Jody forgets that we have a first amendment right to express our experiences and feelings. She will likely say that this blog is a ‘cat fishing’ spoof which apparently is one of her excuses when she gets called out for her unethical behaviors (“that wasn’t me!” she says).

After being called out when one of the witnesses spoke out about her behaviors, Jody claimed that someone else was responsible, someone else had taken over her email and phone and was-is texting people AS her, from her number. Somehow Jody Williams is so important- someone has hacked her phone and email accounts and whomever has done this, is the one sending the awful communications which have been sent to people.

The reason we feel compelled to create a blog about this- we wonder how many sex workers who are in vulnerable circumstances end up unwittingly calling her number seeking help- only to find themselves in situations they did not bargain for. We wonder why (IF EVER in truth)- she is taken seriously as an ‘expert’ which she constantly claims she is, regarding prostitution and or sex trafficking. Based on what we have witnessed and experienced, in our opinion, this person, whoever she really is, has no business doing what she is doing. We urge you to use discretion and after considering what will be presented, to decide for yourself of course.

We will be exploring Jody Williams of ‘sex workers anonymous’ and other self appointed ‘rescuers’ and ‘saviors’. Are these people really helping? Or do they really only amount to parasites who are looking for ways to profit and personally benefit in some way, from the criminalization of sex workers?

‘Rescue organizations’ ‘Diversion programs’  and ‘prostitution related treatment programs’ court ordered or not- are not regulated, there is no system of accountability and there is a lot of room for a wide variety of abuses.

Have you had an experience with ‘sex workers anonymous’ or ‘Jody Williams’? We would like to hear from you!

The information provided here involves direct experience with Jody Williams, after people contacted her thru her site at, as well as experiences that were never invited to any degree. Jody has relentlessly attacked a number of people via social media and email.

Jody Williams
Jody Williams (in purple)